Housing Prices Have Doubled


My office has been flooded with stories of millennials who are giving up on their dream of homeownership. It’s clear why. The average home is selling for over $434,000 in the Cornwall and SD&G area, which has doubled in the last five years, and increased local housing prices by 29% from last year.

Under the NDP-Liberal government, more and more Canadians are being denied the chance to invest in what would traditionally have been their most valuable asset.

Never-ending government deficits and red-tape makes it harder to build more houses, distorts the housing market in favour of wealthy investors, and makes it harder to save up for a downpayment.

Instead of endless deficit-funded government programs that tinker with housing affordability at the margins, the federal government should get out of the way and allow local builders to build more houses, and allow Canadians to save more of their pay cheques.

Conservatives in Parliament will continue to stand up for the dream of homeownership, champion the removal of red tape to make it easier to build houses, tackle money laundering in real estate and propose constructive solutions that make it easier to save up for a down payment.